If It's Training, It Must Be Haiku!

...or YMCA without Village People

I'm still Jennifer
no matter how many times
I circle round room

Peppy Y people
handshaking is religion
ice breakers...good lord

Finger fencing key
play the defense until you
jump in his weak spot

Thats not grape candy
deceptive dark table candy
I make vomit face

I have a fan club
Dallas grrls write "Jen is cool!"
Aim high, grrls, higher.

Haiku on the palm
they say "Hey, that's pretty neat!"
...so nothing's private.

I train much better
with Starbuck's and a thick robe.
I love you, Westin.

Can you hear COPPA
and NOT think of Manilow?
Wow. "They fell in love".

The arctic Westin
frigid meetings, cozy rooms.
I miss the bathrobe!

The capri season
has rudely come to an end
and no pants fit me.

Gap clothed Y trainers
all sound like Fargo to me
I sound like Hee Haw!

Mighty Med-ya Mike
Walks hunched up to the laptop
dang wireless hookup!

He's Spencer Bonnie
Peppiest trainer around,
Spencer IS Bonnie.


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