What Can I Do, They Wanted to Diversify!

When I started the time honored (what? a month?) tradition of haiku during inservice, my teacher table mates went to some other forms. I hope you will forgive as they fall into the spirit of bored poetry...and they are stinking funny!

Michael Reggio
Always gets the point. God
bless his shiny suit.

The table candy.
Way more mints than Tootsie Rolls.
Where's the chocolate!?

The Master Schedule
Who's in charge of this nightmare??
Not our Dr. E!!

The three palace whores
(nickname given to the PCW committee heading triune of power)
all get up and leave at once.

This one's for the History dept chair...
Trav'ling 'round the world,
buying Hard Rock shirts to wear.
Neil is so urbane.

...and when my friend Beth said "Hi" to him...
"So, how are you, Neil?"
"I am hung over real bad."
AP King!! All Hail!!!

When table snacks go bad...
"Let's build a snack fort!"
Chex Mix and Diet Cokes
hide us from Forget
(Dr. Mark Forget, mercenary presenter. He actually was good, but geez!)

Anaolgy of Lizard Brains...
Simple Lizard Brain!
Lizard debate---won't see it!
...much like a Freshman.

Lizards lack brains.
Die, Lizard, under my foot!
Brains? Overrated.
(Beth Whipple, original 216 hound)

...then we left Haiku.

If a group needs to learn to teach reading,
then their progress in rooms is impeding.
'Cause thier butts are so tired
and on caffiene they're wired
that they have little chance of succeeding.

There once was a teacher named Mikey,
his suit, it was ever so shiny.
But his heart was so kind
and great was his mind
that we loved him from top unto hiney!

Students at the building...

Teachers at the Express Center...

Such is inservice.


To Keep Momentum and Increase Blog Morale

...just call me Cincinnatus of the Haiku Blog world (and it IS a small world, after all). I got these from here.

our monkey country
needs a strong monkey leader
to make monkey war
Reading poetry
Means you just can't afford the
'V' in poverty
Monkey Haiku #1-
Monkey falls from tree
Stapled to the first monkey
Second monkey falls
Monkey Haiku #2-
Second monkey falls
Yet down comes third monkey
Peer pressure they say


Oh! Bureaucracy!
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One For The PCW Master Schedule...

I messed up the pic/haiku combo, but I know you will forgive.
Oh! Bureaucracy!
The sticky red of your tape
gives me big dry heaves.
All I want is one stinking English class...and the perfect cheer...and to toss back a few in 216. Maybe that is a lot.


Last scraps of Boston haiku

Just so you know, my notes show the Vontz invokes The Willharris 5 times in his lecture.
No one calls him "Will".
Willharris mantra spoken,
It's truly a cult.
"No sex, just orphans"
Roy's Shaker story wears on...
please bowl alone, Roy.
From my ankles down
are Fred Flintstone slabs of feet.
Ah! So ladylike!


workshop day, without workshop commentary

As long as we have
One Richard or the other
The hounds are all set.
Monkey drink at Kamp's,
Moo shu as it ought to be -
More than civics luv.
Bulging muscular
Displays of strength and balance;
We watch from the couch.


blog out the funk.

Fingers flat, not curved
Mash the keys into playing
Music still comes out.
Forgotten verses
Bitten out of me by gnats
Now flying away.
Birthday cake, Bolton -
Moment out of "Office Space"
Pieces of flair hung.
Meditate on Skaggs:
"If democracy is faith,
"Then civics is love."
Joe v. Volcano -
Feeling a "brain cloud" coming...
Fight unfocusedness...
Channel thoughts through ref'rences
Only way they stick.
Wonder to myself -
Depeche Mode in the workplace
Might not be proper.

Monkey monkey monkey---Day 3

Connecticut coach--
"Our school:too small for football"
Again, I'm not home!

I was smart and wrote,
"Eventually, the monkey will type Shakespeare".
Who's the monkey now??

John Patrick speaks with
no peripheral vision.
Questions? From corners.

Oh! The waffle bar!
I loves your starchy goodness!
Your syrup warms my soul!

Consoled by the carbs
I press. No day can be bad
when waffles are served.

Government branches,
woven like a basket. Tight.
Genius Framer cats.


Blogging in from Boston--Unit One Haiku

Cannon is here
deep in historic thought.
He's never alone.

David Shafer stands
arms in rapper stance, "We be
governing ourselves."

Locke:" Who shall be judge?"
"The hands of justice are weak"
Can't all be heros.

Right of Rev'lution
Overthrow Sandra Stoske!
Vote the rascal out!!

Northern Ginger Ale
with crisp decaf bubbles.
I know I'm not home.


If it isn't fresh, it isn't legal

Pardon the cooption of Legal Seafood's catch phrase, but it seems appropriate with Jennifer's trip to Boston. So here you are, some new legal haiku's.

Judge Gaston gives us a 5-7
"I'll accept your plea,
what does the state recommend?"
Table talk at bench...

Actually Written in a Courtroom, While an Angry Defendant Sneered at Me
Words penned in courtroom
Haiku on council table
Special Docket verse
What's in her pocket?
Prosecutor probes her coat
Seek, and ye shall find...


SiteMeter gives Poetry

Anglea Mayou.
Two found this blog with that search.
Love that Carolyn!


maintain blogging energy

Friends' Vacation Pix
Read the green kiosk:
Pancake storage unit? No,
Purchase sticker here.
Illinois designed
Power poles of great beauty
They noticed them too
She rearranged words
Cutting out a syllable
Did not share haiku.
Blonde's Roses
Secret admirer?
Both too naive to call him
Stalker that he is.
The Day's Highlight
Move your SUV!
Show in the governor's car,
Henry gives thumbs-up!

Fun With Meth Education!

Speech Teacher Nightmare,
attorney's diction, real bad!
Karina--fix mic!

Now! On DVD!!
See Meth Training Gone Wild!
(there will be no free samples)

"He gives her the meth, then he owns her"
Ladies loves meth cooks!
Forget jewels...cook up some meth!
"Now I own you, bitch!"

Meth cook, alpha male
Not about the Benjamins,
Who's your meth daddy??

and a random thought about my drug of choice...
Coca cola burn
I cannot find with diet,
you will be missed, friend.


A tale of addiction in honor of meth awareness, will see you tomorrow! Have a notepad and we can post another mega entry!
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tuesday, misc.

Reflections on a Blog
Seventeen postings,
Over sixteen hundred words -
Just syllables count.
More on Drugs
Crank, crink, croak, crypto
(Sound cooler to your dealer)
Working man's cocaine
Jen, ask your students -
"Tick Tick"? "Granulated Orange"?
This sound "street" to you?
The suburban kids
Take to calling Sweet & Low
"Rat Killa'." Sound cOoL?
We to the P
Project Citizen,
Municipal involvement -
What you did not give.
From beneath a pile
Voter registration form
Missed the election.
Unmarked hundreds of
Canary sample ballots
Reuse, recycle

meth series - first installment

"Stove top," "cinnamon"
Innocent girl creating
Anti-drug word search.


Then boredom led me here. There are more where this came from.
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Important Quote

Boredom has led me to follow the Blogger generated ads to the "Haiku for Jews" site where I found this quote:

There is no subject whateverthat is not fit for haiku. - Basho

I don't know who Basho is, but I am pretty sure he has a ribbon hanging from a spiral somewhere.


My Friday in Seventeen Syllables

At 7:30
ignition clicks, batt'ry dead
panicked Wal Mart trip

I love dad, really.
Ssssllllooooowwww changer of my batt'ry
but love him, I do.

Today I endure
Twenty Four presentations
Power Point gone wrong

Silver Intel man,
Proof I endured the Uck-oh...
that and the laptop.

Today as I sit,
"I heart dorks" sticker falls out.
Oh! How I miss PACE!

Don't teach your lesson!
We all passed second grade
and we just don't care

Why, your web page sings!
But must it make so much noise?
Let us read your stuff.

So much of this stuff
will never leave your CD.
We're all laptop whores.

"I have no standards",
he says. And then I wonder...
Does he speak of PASS?

Level three girl says,
"What is the number for that site?"
Yeah, it's number four.

Then I present, ever vigilant
"The buttons go bold"
I said, mousing over...
daring her to laugh.

Sara, my seat mate and instructor, writes her first haiku in 18 years.
Aussie guy talks cool!
Sure wish I was at the pool.
Rhyming haiku, cool!

My take on the same event
John goes on for twelve minutes.
An Aussie accent or not,
I want to go home!

Presentation time!
Must kill your electronics!
Blank monitor hell.

Didn't you have to test to get in this class?
You have a degree!?
"Shortcut is on the desktop."
Oh my, holy crap.

Sara and the conflict of new motherhood...
Sara on the phone
vibrating pocket scares her
so she answers it!

Gavin on the phone??
Phone calls from a six month old?
Vibrating pocket.

Is this a problem?
Power Point with no music?
I. Minimalist.

One sided brochure?
You have not enough content...
and Jill shakes her head.

Presentation from a private school teacher
God writes our PASS skills,
Jesus too. Religion class
answers not to state.

Prolly my favorite of the day
The Times New Roman
default font we loathe the most.
Please go to Arial.

Anticipating the Meth party at the bar...
Karina says, "There
are no free samples of meth,
just the bar coffee."