Not The Best, But There's a Google Bomb Afoot

Oklahoma Baptist University

Critical Thinking...
we don't so much do that now.
God Bless OBU.


One For The Team...

Hey, Google, It's the
The Jerusalem Prayer Team!
Not the one you think.


fancy day with legislators

Newly elected
Handing out their business cards
Campaign pic with wife

Disgraced OK rep -
Out of office (and prison)
Money taken, runs

News Channel 4 piece
Pile of singles dumped from tote
Greenback stack of shame


Mourn a Loss and Comment in Haiku

Old Dirty Bastard,
once named Big Baby Jesus,
gone. And Wu Tang weeps.

ODB has passed,
once named Dirt McGirt.
What must his teeth be worth?


To My Princpal, Seen On The Interstate Scarfing Fries

First my principal lays bare her fears, then Beth sees her on the highway shoving fries in her piehole (fryhole?), then Nancy writes not just Haiku, but a suite of them...

Size six I now am
Tomorrow a size fourteen
French fries on the sly.
High school principal
Much stress from students, teachers
French fries on the sly.
French fries on the sly
Much stress from students, teachers
Too fat for my clothes.


If It's Training, It Must Be Haiku!

...or YMCA without Village People

I'm still Jennifer
no matter how many times
I circle round room

Peppy Y people
handshaking is religion
ice breakers...good lord

Finger fencing key
play the defense until you
jump in his weak spot

Thats not grape candy
deceptive dark table candy
I make vomit face

I have a fan club
Dallas grrls write "Jen is cool!"
Aim high, grrls, higher.

Haiku on the palm
they say "Hey, that's pretty neat!"
...so nothing's private.

I train much better
with Starbuck's and a thick robe.
I love you, Westin.

Can you hear COPPA
and NOT think of Manilow?
Wow. "They fell in love".

The arctic Westin
frigid meetings, cozy rooms.
I miss the bathrobe!

The capri season
has rudely come to an end
and no pants fit me.

Gap clothed Y trainers
all sound like Fargo to me
I sound like Hee Haw!

Mighty Med-ya Mike
Walks hunched up to the laptop
dang wireless hookup!

He's Spencer Bonnie
Peppiest trainer around,
Spencer IS Bonnie.


Holiday With A Monkey

Halloween Costume?
What is a monkey to wear!?
This link shall tell you.